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Award Winning Innovation

  • At Inventions Geneva 2012 an international jury of experts decorated the Varibike with the gold medal in the category of Sport.

Full-Body Workout

There are some great full-body sports, such as cross-country skiing, swimming, rowing, and Nordic blading. Unfortunately, in these sports the full force is usually only used in one direction – the kick direction. The return movement of sticks or paddles is nearly force-free.
In contrast, when Varibiking, you can use your whole force in each arm crank position. In every angular position of the arm cranks, you can pull or push with your entire force, both horizontally and vertically. During the full 360° rotation, you can drive with maximum force – without forceless return movement. Thus, you train your arms and legs, chest, shoulders, back, and all your core muscles. This is highly effective.

See the Varibike video.

Various Physical Applications

No other bike in the world offers that much variety. During the ride, you can switch between these drive options. See the video.

  • Only with your legs (like common bicycles)
  • Only with your arms
  • Only with your right or left arm
  • With both legs plus right arm or left arm, or both arms
  • Switch between alternate and synchron style during the ride


Varibike VR3. Full-body cycling.

Most Effective Propulsion

  • A scientific US study showed that (at the same heart rate) the maximum power output could be increased by over 30% using combined arm and leg cranking, compared with leg cranking alone. Furthermore, the efficiency of lower-power steady-state power production was found to be higher for arm and leg cranking.

Better Endurance

  • With the Varibike you have more endurance, since you can use the arm and leg drives in varying intensity. Thus, individual muscle groups can already relax repeatedly while riding.

Ergonomic Multi-talent

UprightYour hands hold the direct steerer.

One of various positions for the Varibike.
AeroThe aero position is made possible through the intuitive lean steering and flattened handlebar grips, on which you can put your forearms.

Aero Position.

Simply repositioning your hands while riding changes your upper body’s position. So you can always get the best upper-body position, depending on whether you want to just cruise, or be most powerful, or aerodynamic.

More Fat Burning

  • The higher muscle activity burns more energy. Your fat deposits melt and are replaced with lean muscles.

Improves Cardiac Performance and Maximum Oxygen Consumption

  • When Varibiking, you can work out (at the same lactate level) with a higher heart rate. The recommended maximum heart rate is 10 beats-per-minute higher for Varibiking than regular cycling.
  • Training at a higher heart rate with the Varibike, you can better utilize your power reserves. You will improve your cardiac output, as well as your maximum oxygen consumption. Some competitive athletes can not get beyond a certain performance plateau. Varibiking can improve your performance and raise it to a higher level.
  • Recreational athletes train more efficiently with the Varibike and can achieve their training goals in less time.

Endurance up to Maximum Strength

  • The use of the upper body gives Varibiking a perfect force component. You decide. Are you going soft and endurance oriented, or do you want to load your upper body in the high power range? When Varibiking, you can choose between endurance, strength endurance and maximum strength work out.

Coordination and Balance

  • Varibiking improves your coordination and balance better than cycling. The simultaneous cranking with arms and legs greatly improves your movement coordination. In addition, the lean steering trains your sense of balance.

Professional Cross-Training

  • Varibiking is also a highly efficient additional workout for top athletes who want a full-body workout. This includes: swimmers, cross-country skiers, biathletes, triathletes, martial artists, rowers, motocross bikers, surfers, etc.

Lean Steering

  • Although the lean steering requires a little practice, the short adaptation phase to steer is simple and intuitive. You simply lean the Varibike into the curve to steer it. As you do so, the Varibike will go safely and accurately in the direction you have indicated with your body movement. Steering a Varibike is an amazing, elating experience.

Bikes for Every Purpose

  • Like any normal bike, the standard Varibike VR3 can be used as a routine means of commuting and getting around town. Our fat bike is lots of fun on trails, ice, snow, and sand. If you get your kicks passing other riders, try our road racer. If togetherness is more your thing, you might prefer our tandem. We even have an indoor stationary bike. Whatever model you prefer, you can have fun while keeping your whole body in shape.

Get to Know People

  • Any Varibike is a real ice-breaker. People naturally want to know more about it. You will be amazed at how many new friends you can make riding a Varibike. Any red light is likely to result in a new relationship.

Physical Therapy

  • The high-aerobic, full-body action of the Varibike is ideal for many people recovering from back and neck injuries. As well as providing an appropriate exercise, it motivates patients by enabling them to enjoy fun therapy with family and friends in the great outdoors.

Expert opinions

  • Opinions of Varibikers:
  • Sami Hyypiä (soccer legend and Finland’s sports man of the year 2001)
  • Otmar Rösch (athletic coach TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, graduate in sports science)
  • Max Nagl (team world champion 2012 in motocross).
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